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What is Digital Marketing and Why is it Important?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Digital Marketing is a powerful tool. It encompasses the marketing efforts that are presented via digital methods through your computer or handheld device using channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Emails, and more to get your content in front of potential clients.

Some examples of Digital Marketing would be the advertisements you see on your Facebook or Instagram page, YouTube, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which allows companies to pay or bid to show up on the first page when you search for something on Google! When done properly, digital marketing can be more cost effective and target more efficiently than traditional print marketing. You also have much more freedom to include more information, keywords, as well as videos and multiple images to draw attention to your brand.

Ex 1: You see a billboard for an accident lawyer on the 405 every day, but have no interest or need for their services. You find yourself needing the services after being rear ended, but when you get home you can’t remember the name or number on the billboard and resort to searching for one online.

Ex 2: You are searching the internet for a new golf bag and found one you really liked. You wait before you purchase, and then can’t find it anywhere! Thankfully, there is a useful marketing tool called “remarketing”. You had visited the website that is selling the golf bag and had viewed the page several times prior. Lo and behold, on the side of your Facebook home page, there is that golf bag you were searching for AND it’s on sale! Sometimes this may feel creepy, but there is nothing fishy about how this is done. The website collected “cookies” and used these cookies to remind you of the purchase you almost made.

This leads us into Social Media Marketing. “Remarketing”, using the Facebook Pixel, is a great tool for social media marketing. However, there are even more tools you can use to laser focus your advertisements to be seen by your target demographic. Using Facebook’s Ad Account management tools, you can find “lookalike” audiences (people with similar interests to those who already follow you, like your business page on Facebook, etc.), increase brand awareness, increase website or blog traffic, promote products or services, and more.

There are many more layers to Digital Marketing not yet discussed, but we would be happy to schedule a free consultation call to find how Digital Marketing can best help your business based on your budget and needs. We want to see you succeed and to maximize your hard-earned marketing dollars.

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